Monday, June 29, 2009

Taste of Chicago (Localvore Edition)

So if you live in Chicago on the weekend of the Gay Pride Parade, Taste of Chicago, and the Cross Town Classic what do you decide to do?

If you're me, you drive 55 miles south of the city and tour the CSA farm you're supporting. Farmer Vicki hosted her annual potluck and gave a tour of her farm. About 75 shareholders from all over the Chicago area came to see the fields of onions, zucchini, etc, tour the greenhouses, meet the new kittens, and sample some delicious veggie dishes.

Very inspiring. I came home and weeded my garden.


Kara Wagner Sherer said...

I love your blog - especially about your girls and their grazing habits. And thanks for the recipe for daikon with salmon!

Leanne said...

As I'm typing this... Kara just walked by my window. ha!

I like your "Localvore Edition" subject. I'm so glad your family chose to spend Sunday at the farm! It was a beautiful day...