Sunday, June 14, 2009

CSA - Week 2

In her weekly email, Farmer Vicki says she had to cram some of her early crops into smaller spaces because of the wet soil. She apologizes for another light delivery. This week's box contained:

head of leaf lettuce
head of bok choi
fresh oregano

I happened to be talking to my excellent friend (and excellent cook) yesterday and asked her if she had any yummy recipes for bok choi. Of course she did, so I made it for dinner.

I love when people are excited to share a recipe. This one fills all my requirements: easy, delicious, few ingredients, easy to make substitutions.

Yummy! And I've discovered my girls love udon noodles.


Dan said...

an easy bok choi dish, add one pound of ground beef, bok choi, onions with a cup of water in an appropriate sized frying pan(brown the ground beef then drain oil and add the rest...salt to desired taste--usually add basil and aji-no-moto)

Make Rice and you are done.

Kathy said...

I'll try it!