Monday, September 12, 2011

My Simple Plan to Save the Post Office

I have a drawer for storing stationery. It's filled will different styles of thank-you notes, leftover invitations, greeting cards, random post cards, note paper, and envelopes. At my current rate of thank-you note writing, I don't believe I will ever work my way through this supply. Sound familiar?

I'm sure this is a common scenario in many American households. And if so, then I know how to save the United States Post Office! All we have to is send some of this stuff through the mail now (not later). For example:

- In the last four days, I've attended three lovely parties. Instead of informally thanking my hostesses via email, I can write three formal thank you notes AND SEND THEM THROUGH THE MAIL.

- I was thinking of inviting some friends over for drinks. Now I have a good (and fun) reason to dig out a pretty invitations AND SEND THEM THROUGH THE MAIL.

- My daughters want to invite a group of friends over for some themed event, so instead of doing the Facebook thing, they can be creative/go the extra mile by designing an invitation AND SENDING IT THROUGH THE MAIL.

It's so simple. Everyone likes to receive a note or a card in the mail, right? Yet I can't save the Post Office all by myself. Please help me by sending someone a note, or sending a thank you to a special person for nothing in particular, or by sending out an invitation to...anything!

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Joel Stein has a plan too.,9171,2093330,00.html