Sunday, September 4, 2011

End of Summer Reading, Part 2

I'm curious to see which teachers are returning to CPS this school year. I know of one who won't be. An amazing high school librarian friend of mine decided to retire a little early and build her dream home. When I saw her last week, she had begun cleaning out books she no longer needed. And, as is her way, she handed me a pile of books for my daughters to read.

And so, in this last week before school, our 15-year-olds got a heavy dose of dysfunctional YA literature, 1500+ pages of the stuff. They sat on the couch together and read Ellen Hopkins' Crank, Burned, and Impulse back to back, nonstop, handing off the books to each other.

"Wow, now I'm depressed," said my daughter, when she finally came up for air. "No wonder so many teens love Disney movies and My Little Pony."

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