Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How to Change the Color of Your Walls (Painlessly)

In the summertime, I don’t mind the colors on our living room and dining room walls. But during the long, gray days of a Chicago winter, those same colors start to look too dark to me. I’ve been thinking about repainting…

…and then a bloggy friend of mine decided to host a paint event! We all met up at a Benjamin Moore store, where we listened to a professional presentation about using color, were encouraged to touch the finish on the store walls (really), and snacked on sausage and cheese trays.

Afterward, we journeyed to Kim’s new house for prizes and dessert and to help her select paint colors for the interior walls. The Benjamin Moore designer advising Kim had previously chosen some color palettes for each room, and the swatches were hanging on the wall. I voted for the light colors in every instance, but in truth I don’t think she can go wrong. The Benjamin Moore rep is leading her down the right path, and that’s reassuring to me. Her home will be a beautiful thing, no matter what colors she selects.

Not only did I learn that 1) there is such a thing as paint technology, 2) that painting a ceiling dark makes it appear higher, or 3) that you should pick the paint color before the bedspread/furniture/rug if you can, but I learned that hiring a professional is a great idea. I’m happy Kim hired one, and I’m happy she shared with the blogosphere what I can only believe is a very positive experience.

Please help Kim decide on her paint colors by voting here.

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Kim/reluctant renovator said...

And I didn't even know you read my new blog! I'm so glad you joined in and appreciate chiming in with votes.