Monday, August 29, 2011

How Not to Buy a Rug

After dim sum in Chinatown and before dropping my friends off at O'Hare, we all hit the shops on Armitage Ave. We stimulated Chicago's economy a bit Lori's, the Paper Source, and a beautiful shop that was new to me, the Green Goddess Boutique ("sustainable chic"). I saw a gorgeous rug there that would be just right for our little Chicago bungalow. I loved it so much, I was finally tempted to look at the price: $4,500+.

Since we had spent a good chunk of time earlier in the weekend talking about/comparing tuition at various universities, I laughed at myself for even fantasizing about owning that rug. My first thought was that the rug represented about a semester of college (at an in-state, public university).

My second thought was that I could probably weave a rug for less than that.

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Howie said...

They are always telling how to buy a rug.. your's is "how not to buy a rug".. very nice post by the way.