Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Interrupters

Tuesday night we took our fifteen-year-old daughters down to the Gene Siskel Film Center to see the documentary The Interrupters. This is the Alex Kotlowitz-produced film spotlighting violence mediators working in Chicago neighborhoods.

The theater was full, the audience engaged (including my daughters). It's a riveting movie for many reasons. Afterward, one of the interrupters (not shown in the film) was taking questions. Someone asked how many interrupters are currently active, and I think he said 15. But even if he said 50, I'd be discouraged. Seems like we need more interrupters on the planet.

So, consider a financial gift to the organization. Or consider seeing the film. It will be playing through August 25th. And if you go this weekend, the three interrupters featured in the film are scheduled to appear at some viewings.

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