Monday, March 26, 2007

The Spring Tease

There are two things that make me happy when warm weather finally hits Chicago (besides the warm weather, that is). One is the first crocus I see, which coincides with lots of people heading outdoors to work on their landscaping. While I can appreciate the new bloom, and I can feel the urge to garden, I have learned to resist. No sense planting flowers too early. After gazing on that little purple flower, I go inside and check the Farmer’s Almanac for the Last Frost Date. This year, it’s April 22. I have a whole month to dream about and plan my garden. . . .

The second thing that makes me smile is seeing someone 25-50 pounds lighter, and that happens every year. Just yesterday, for example, I saw my neighbor for the first time in five or six months, and she had lost 50 pounds. I like to imagine a magic parka that melts away the extra weight—you put it on in November, take it off in March, and voila! Anyway, these folks look healthier and happier, and that’s contagious!


Johnny Yen said...

On nice Spring days like today, I remember that.

I remember back in May of 1986 or 1987--waking up one day, and looking out the window and seeing what looked like snow. I put my glasses and saw that it was indeed snow. I took off my glasses and went back to bed.

In Chicago there are two seasons: winter and construction.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your description of the "magic parka"! You should expand on this idea somehow...a story, an article?

RNF Jane