Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Midwinter Networking

A Chicago mom I know recently mailed me an invitation to a wine and cheese open house sponsored by Lincoln Square Women in Business. This friend of mine is an attorney with three young boys. She recently started her own law firm so that she could be more available to her children, and since then has become involved in this group.

In my years as a freelance writer I’ve often pushed my networking skills to the side, though I did meet with what I would loosely call a writers’ group consistently for a year. That group consisted of people focusing on a very specific kind of writing (children’s books), and I determined I needed a broader community with a broader voice—which is what I'm always seeking.

In Chicago, there are many networking groups of all types, including online communities. I have joined one of these, but its newsletter is a perfect example of information overload. It lists every group meeting in every part of the city and links to event after event after event. It’s too broad a community, and it’s intimidating.

But my friend’s invitation isn’t. Along with my lawyer friend, the other hosts of this event are a saleswoman, a realtor, a financial planner, an architect, a photographer, and a personal/professional coach.

I like that diversity. And I like the personal, playful voice of this group.

So I’m going to check it out—because I actually enjoy networking, when it feels right.

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Johnny Yen said...

And the free wine sure doesn't hurt, does it...