Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Inside the Court Room

I’m a big advocate for going to school and community meetings. I figure it’s better to go to the source when making my own judgments about issues. Unfortunately this means sitting through hours of the Mundane before getting to the Good Stuff.

But sometimes the Good Stuff has little to do with the purpose of the meeting.

Take this week, for example. In the last six days I have attended four school meetings and one major school fundraiser. And while it may be true that during one of those meetings I gleaned some detail that may provide useful to my daughters’ education, by far the most interesting thing I learned is the following:

There is public access to ORAL ARGUMENT RECORDINGS on the United States Court of Appeals website. Check it out—just click on the map and follow the links. The database is searchable by case number or name. So if you're interested in a certain case . . . .

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