Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Low Tech Considered

I was thinking about that NPR show "All Tech Considered". I listen to it now and then, and have picked up some cool techie tips by doing so.

But I cling to my former low tech life, as I suspect others do.

The whole conversion to digital television, for example, was mostly an inconvenience. In our neighborhood, Channel 2 doesn't come in unless you have cable TV, and being forced to buy cable doesn't sit well with me. Six months into the endeavor, my friend's antenna recommendation solved the problem. Phew.

Then I saw how hubby could make certain people very happy by hooking up their old VCRs. At Christmastime, he helped out my father on this front. And before the day was out, Dad was blissfully watching his tape of La Bohème.

And that made my Luddite self smile.

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