Monday, August 20, 2007

I Wonder, Will This Happen?

I met Rahm Emanuel once at the grocery store. He was near the door, campaigning, and I recognized him.

“Rahm Emanuel!” I said. He smiled, talked with me for a few minutes about my issues, shook hands with my daughters and engaged them in a little small talk. I saw him again a few years later at a schools event called “Rahm’s Readers.” He was there with his family and young children. I didn’t feel the need to bother him then, but I was pleased to see him in the community setting—and working for our children.

So, I always read his mailings. In the most recent brochure, I learned about federal money ($2.8 million) he’s secured for a new urban park on the North Side. With additional state and city money, the 20-acre West Ridge Nature Preserve will be created out of unused land purchased from the Rosehill Cemetery.

Haven’t heard about this anywhere else.


Johnny Yen said...

I've been really impressed with him overall as a Rep.

That's amazing that he was able to pull that off, particularly given how crazy the north side has been going real estate-wise.

Last weekend, I saw Adam on his Ibook writing an email. I asked him who he was emailing, and he told me that he was emailing Emanuel with his ideas for tax incentives for wind energy projects on farms.

Kathy said...

Go, Adam!

On our way home from out West, we saw a bunch of wind farms in southern Minnesota. It made me want to find out more about this resource. . . .